Comic 4 - You all meet in a foyer...

4th Jan 2019, 8:00 AM in The Initiation
You all meet in a foyer...
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Masterweaver 4th Jan 2019, 8:00 AM edit delete
Yep, they are exactly as normal as you.

Part of the fun of campaign comics--well any screencap comic really--is taking the screenshots and recontextualizing them to make a new story. In the original episode, Jaune walked by Ruby and Yang first, then got into a conversation with Weiss and Pyrrha, and then Weiss left in disgust. By reversing that order and juggling it a bit, I've made a completely different situation.


Tempestfury 4th Jan 2019, 11:28 AM edit delete reply
Are you seriously updating once a day? How long you planning on doing that for?
Rastaba 4th Jan 2019, 1:22 PM edit delete reply
It is official...the lady playing Nora is my favorite. Ultimate Snugglepile!!!!

And I still want confirmation on if ‘Roller Boots’ are supposed to just be like roller skates or are some other contraption entirely.