Player Characters

The Newcomers

"I was raised on the dice, mister!"

Ruby Rose: Chaotic Good Level 2 Ranger

Player Character: ???

Weapon: Crescent Rose, Mechanical War Scythe/Rifle

Semblance Ability: Petal Form, tweaked version of Gaseous Form

This young girl got into the university on a scholarship for mechanical design, and her head for numbers makes her a natural at most of her classes. Unfortunately, her relative youth and somewhat erratic thought patterns have alienated her from her peers, leaving her to muse on whether accepting the scholarship was a good idea. She jumps at the chance to join a role-playing game, fondly remembering her own childhood adventures in D&D with her father as DM. Perhaps, though, she should have asked permission before dragging her dormmates in as well.
"Again: I am here under severe protest."

Weiss Schnee: Lawful Good Level 2 Wizard

Player Character: ???

Weapon: Myrtenaster, Dinky Magic Bondsword

Semblance Ability: Floating Disk/Spider Climb hybrid

A child of wealth and fame, this young lady chose to come to the university for the prestige it would bring her. Her classwork is above average by dint of pure effort, and she claims to be putting her education first. This has bred an air of arrogance about her, making her somewhat unpopular; the fact her dormmates are two geeks and a foreigner doesn't help at all. She claims to have no interest in the game beyond being forced into it, but she does come back night after night.
"It is like learning another half of a language."

Blake Belladonna: Neutral Good Level 2 Rogue

Player Character: ???

Weapon: Gambol Shroud, Pistol Katana/Kusarigama

Semblance Ability: Displacement

America is many things, and one of those things is connected. This Japanese girl decided to attend the university in search of said connections, hoping to form a supportive network for her future career. She was set up with a rather eclectic group, due to English not being her first language, and has been somewhat let down by the reality of the country. Still, her dormmates are mostly supportive and try to socialize with her; maybe this strange dice game might be interesting to play.
"The thrill factor comes from the rolling, girl!"

Yang Xiao Long: Chaotic Neutral Barbarian/Monk

Player Character: ???

Weapon: Ember Cecilia, Explosive Gauntlets

Semblance Ability: Bull's Strength/Lesser Restoration hybrid

Life is a mess, but people don't have to be. And this girl wants to help people clean themselves up... eventually. Right now she's still figuring out how to Adult and what kind of fun she can have at the university. She's happy her little sister got in on pure merit and supports her eagerly, but at the same time she's really drifting through life at the moment. Not that there's anything wrong with that. And hey, another campaign like the ones from her childhood might just be the fun she needs.

The Older Crew

Jaune Arc: Lawful Good Level 2 Inquisitor

Player Character: ???

Weapon: Crocea Mors, Sword and Collapsable Shield

Semblance Ability: Good Hope

The stress of university life can get to a guy, and it's not better for those who have severe social anxiety. But despite his personal torments, this young man has gained a network of supportive and caring friends, thanks to the efforts of one particular professor. He's had a lot of fun gaming with them, even if they are all a little quirky. That said, he's still a little uncomfortable about meeting new people, especially when they come into one of his own comfort zones.
"Playing this game helps me feel... normal."

Pyrrha Nikos: Lawful Neutral Fighter/Cavalier

Player Character: ???

Weapon: Miló and Akoúo̱, Rocket Javelin/Shortsword and Toughened Throwing Shield

Semblance Ability: Magnetic Grasp

A student of art and theatre, this young woman knows that getting into her chosen career is going to be a tough ride. But she feels that what people need the most is some form of inspiration, otherwise there really isn't a point in living. Role-playing came as naturally to her as acting, and she's grown fond of her fellow gamers, encouraging them as best as she can. She's looking forward to joining in an adventure with some new blood, but she's not sure her crew shares that enthusiasm.
"It's Role playing, not Roll playing."

Nora Valkyrie: Chaotic Evil Barbarian/Alchemist

Player Character: ???

Weapon: Magnhild, Legendary Boomhammer

Semblance Ability: Electrified Muscles, tweaked version of Draconic Reservoir

Role-playing attracts all sorts of people. There are the kinds that want to have fun with friends, those interested in the setting, those who like the system... and then there are those whose definition of sanity is 'something that happens to other people'. This young madwoman has found channeling her urges into a fantasy world and fictional character is quite fun and helps her maintain a good standing in reality. She's happy to share her passion with newbies... or perhaps, to terrify them.
"Murder Hobo is an ancient and distinguished profession!"

Lie Ren: True Neutral Monk/Oracle

Player Character: ???

Weapon: Storm and Flower, dual Pistol Daggers

Semblance Ability: Calm Emotions/Lesser Confusion hybrid

While initially only interested in the game because of a lifelong friend, the experiences shared and bonds formed have made this character quite fond of the other players. The antics those other players get up to, though, tend to leave one exasperated and tired rather quickly; it doesn't help that said lifelong friend happens to be the craziest one at the table. Still, with new players coming in to a new game, maybe there's a chance for a deeper, thought-provoking campaign.
"Every adventuring party needs a pillar of sanity."

The Game Masters

The Narrator

The university's professor of literature serves as the game master for this campaign, weaving a world together with words and references pulled from across many stories. He does find running a game to be fun, but he also uses the position to keep tabs on the social lives and culture of the student body. There are plenty of stories of crusty old teachers who can't or won't understand their students, and he does not want to end up as one of those.

"We are the dreamers of dreams."

The Statistician

The professor's wife is herself an experienced hand at crunching numbers and offers her assistance on the technical side of game mastering. While her husband is good at the more poetic elements of the game, he is well aware of his own flaws when it comes to mathematical calculations. Sometimes she'll even take a swing at sitting in the hotseat herself, though she tends to be much more... intense than the usual game master.